Monday, July 23, 2012

Crimson-backed Flameback (Chrysocolaptes stricklandi)

Crimson-backed Flameback (Chrysocolaptes stricklandi)


This Flameback is about 11.5 ; tail 3.5 ; wing 5.9 ; tarsus 1.1; bill from gape 1.9. Back, scapulars, and outer surface of wings, except primary-coverts and outer webs of primaries, dull crimson, edges of feathers brighter, rump also brighter. In all other respects this species resembles C. guttacristatus except that there is everywhere more black and less white, there are only white spots on the back of the neck, and the sides of the head above the malar region and of the neck are almost all black, the superciliary stripe being represented by a row of white spots. The black borders of the breast-feathers are very broad. Sexual distinctions as in C. guttacristatus. Bill brownish or olivaceous at the base, greenish white in the middle, the tip dusky; iris yellowish white; legs and feet greenish' slate.


Endemic to Sri Lanka.


This is a monotypic species.
Has been considered conspecific with Greater Flameback in the past.


This Woodpecker is found in forests almost throughout the island, on both hills and lowlands Forest and well wooded areas up to 2100m.


This species haunting a nest-hole high up a large tree in January in such a manner as to indicate that they had young.


Nest Of Crimson-backed Flameback (Chrysocolaptes stricklandi)

Nest Of Crimson-backed Flameback (Chrysocolaptes stricklandi)

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