Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brown-headed Barbet (Megalaima zeylanica)

Malabe , Colombo , Sri Lanka


The Brown-headed Barbet or Large Green Barbet is a relatively large barbet at 27 cm. It is a plump bird, with a short neck, large head and short tail. Green plumage. Streaked brown head, neck and breast. Yellow eye patch. Heavy conical red bill. Sexes similar.


Asia: found in Nepal, Pakistan, India, Eastern and Western Himalayas, 
        Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


There are 3 subspecies:

M. z. inornata:
West-central and south-western India (Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka)

M. z. caniceps:
South-western Nepal and northern India

M. z. zeylanica:
Southern India (Kerala and southern Tamil Nandu) and Sri Lanka


Open forests and forest edges, woodlands and gardens.


The Brown-headed Barbet is a resident breeder in the Indian Subcontinent, widespread in India and also seen in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It is an arboreal species of gardens and wooded country which eats fruit and insects. Nonetheless, it is fairly tolerant of humans and is often seen in cities, in greenery. It nests in a tree hole, laying 2-4 eggs. The bird is largely frugivorous on mangos, ripe jack, papaya, banana, figs and similar cultivated fruit trees. Its habitat includes urban and country gardens though it tends to eschew heavy forest. It nests in a suitable hole in a tree that it will often excavate out, not unlike a woodpecker. A pair will take it in turns to incubate the eggs and they often communicate with each other using their Kura, kura calls.


Knuckles Mountain Range , Matale

Knuckles Mountain Range , Matale

Knuckles Mountain Range , Matale

Knuckles Mountain Range , Matale

Nest Of Brown-headed Barbet - Knuckles Mountain Range , Matale

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